June 22,2016
State violence against children

Quite simply, State violence is violence enacted by the State or its subsidiary bodies , for example, police and security forces, or care institutions

June 22,2016
Forms of violence: State neglect

Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child requires States to protect the child against “all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglec

June 22,2016
What is child trafficking?

The UN Study on Violence Against Children estimates that 8.4 million children are employed in the worst forms of child labour, and of these, 1.2 million are victims of

June 22,2016
Form of violence: Torture

What is torture? 

June 22,2016
CRC article 37: Torture and deprivation of liberty

Text of the article 37

States Parties shall ensure that:

June 22,2016
Children in vulnerable situation

What are the rights of children in vulnerable situations? Why are they important?

June 22,2016
Violence Against Children at work

What do we mean by violence at work?

June 22,2016
What are children’s rights regarding freedom from violence?

Being able to lead a life free from all forms of violence determines whether a child, and indeed any person, can fully enj

June 22,2016
Labour rights: Child labour and protecting working children

Not all working children perform activities that can be defined as child labour; yet there is a dominant view that all child work is somehow problematic.

June 13,2016
Bullying: info and statistics

Compiled by Ark of Hope for Children these child abuse statistics have been gathered to show the need for programs like our Don't Stand Alone - Stop Bulling program.