armed conflicts

May 26,2016
Iraqi children face high rates of death and disability

One in six childhood injuries in Iraq were caused by violence, compared with only one in 50 childhood injuries worldwide, according to a recent study.

May 26,2016
Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict
April 26,2016
Rights of Children in the Justice System

Juvenile law, also known as justice for minors, is the law which deals with children.

April 26,2016
Child Detention: a Deprivation of their Freedom

Children are regularly placed behind bars all throughout the world. More than a million are deprived of their freedom in this way.

April 26,2016
Displacement and Exile: Child Rights are Nevitably Violated

Each year, millions flee their homes, willingly or under duress, due to armed conflicts, widespread violent situations, persecutions, violations of human rights and na

April 26,2016
Stateless Children without Identity

When a birth is not recognized and registered officially, the child is at risk of statelessness.

April 21,2016
Girls: Victims of double discrimination

In many countries, girls are the first victims when children’s human rights are violated and they often suffer double discrimination: for their age and for their gende

April 21,2016
Child soldiers: victims or volunteers?

Today, there are between 250,000 and 300,000 children fighting in the world. Their recruitment begins from the age of 10.

April 21,2016
Children in War: millions were killed and abused

During the last 10 years, around 10 million children are estimated to have been killed as a result of war.

April 20,2016
Children’s Right to Protection

The period of childhood is a phase in which the human being is more vulnerable because they have not finished developing physically or mentally.