refugee children

October 25,2016
Education amongst Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Lebanon currently hosts approximately 400,000 Syrian refugee school age children.[1] A mere 15 to 20 per ce

May 26,2016
Convention relating to the Status of Refugees
April 26,2016
Child Detention: a Deprivation of their Freedom

Children are regularly placed behind bars all throughout the world. More than a million are deprived of their freedom in this way.

April 26,2016
Stateless Children without Identity

When a birth is not recognized and registered officially, the child is at risk of statelessness.

April 21,2016
Children in War: millions were killed and abused

During the last 10 years, around 10 million children are estimated to have been killed as a result of war.

March 23,2016
The rifts behind Nigeria's mass kidnap

When local people warned that hundreds of Islamist militants were heading towards his remote town of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria, Danuma Mphur hurried to summon help.

February 3,2015
raising understanding among children and young people on the OPSC

This booklet explain the contents of one of theses international commitments; the optional protocol to the convention on the rights rights of the child on th sale of c