March 22,2016
11 Shocking facts about child abuse

Much too often, we see evidence everyday that somewhere; someone is committing the most unspeakable act.

March 22,2016
Environmental Influences on Children's Behavior

 More than 24 million children in the United States are aged five and below (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000).

February 12,2015
Our right to be protected from violence

This paper gives information about the UN study on violence against children.

February 10,2015
Protecting children from violence in sport

This report discusses the protection of the children from violence in sport.

February 9,2015
The hidden crisis; Armed conflict and education

This report get serious about stopping the egregious violations of human rights at the heart of the education crisis in conflict affected contries.

February 9,2015
Approaches towards inequality and Inequity: Concepts, measures and policies

This paper analyses the different concepts of inequality.

February 7,2015
Facilitating Transitions for Children and Yourh

The goal of this study , is to draw lessons about the specific issues pertaining to the needs of the critical demographic.

February 3,2015
Child migrants in child labour: An invisible group in need of attention

This research is an umbrella definition which brings together a multitude of categories in which children have been divided

February 3,2015
raising understanding among children and young people on the OPSC

This booklet explain the contents of one of theses international commitments; the optional protocol to the convention on the rights rights of the child on th sale of c

January 9,2015
Migration and child labour

The working paper attempts to discribe the correlation between migration and child labour by reviewing secondary data of migrant children with or without their familie