Social and emotional development

December 14,2019
Depression in children: What to know

Depression is more than just sadness and can be a serious and potentially life threatening illness.

June 30,2016
Education: Civil and Political Rights in Schools

"Children do not lose their human rights by virtue of passing through the school gates....", the Committee on the Rights of the Child states optimistically in its firs

June 28,2016
Violence Against Children: Psychological abuse

Violence against children usually evokes images or impressions of physical abuse, but psychological violence can be just as damag

June 13,2016
Helping Your Child Cope With Divorce

Children are one of your concerns. When divorce and children are connected, there may be trouble.

April 26,2016
Rights of Children in the Justice System

Juvenile law, also known as justice for minors, is the law which deals with children.

April 26,2016
Child Detention: a Deprivation of their Freedom

Children are regularly placed behind bars all throughout the world. More than a million are deprived of their freedom in this way.

April 26,2016
Child’s Disappearance: Types and Reasons

Around the world, many children disappear each year and are not found.

April 26,2016
Displacement and Exile: Child Rights are Nevitably Violated

Each year, millions flee their homes, willingly or under duress, due to armed conflicts, widespread violent situations, persecutions, violations of human rights and na

April 26,2016
Effects and Solutions of Orphanhood

Today, 153 million children worldwide are orphans. There are serious consequences for the rights and development of such children.

April 25,2016
Family: A Right for all Children

The International Convention on the Rights of the Child gives all children the right to a family.