March 22,2016
Air Pollution Impact on Children

stringent regulations on industrial and vehicle emissions have allowed the South Coast Air Basin (SoCAB) to make tremendous improvements in air quality over the past 30 years.

March 22,2016
The Effects of the Physical Environment on Children’s Development

Cornell University environmental and developmental psychologist Gary Evans has conducted numerous research studies examining the effects of the physical environment on children’s well-being.

March 22,2016
Environmental Influences on Children's Behavior

 More than 24 million children in the United States are aged five and below (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000).

March 15,2016
Child Mortality under five

Since 1990, the world has cut both the rate and number of child deaths by more than one half.

February 12,2015
The state of the world's children 2012. Children in an Urban World

This report Shows that this is so in urban centres just as in the remote rural places we commonly associate with deprivation and vulnerability.

February 10,2015
Protecting children from violence in sport

This report discusses the protection of the children from violence in sport.

February 10,2015
Prevalence and trends of stunting among pre-school children, 1990-2020

This paper quantify the revalence and trends of stunting among children using the W.H.O. growth standards.

February 9,2015
World malaria report 2012

The world malaria report summarizes information received from 104 malaria endemic coutries.

February 9,2015
Approaches towards inequality and Inequity: Concepts, measures and policies

This paper analyses the different concepts of inequality.

February 5,2015
Nutrition in the first 1000 days

The focus of this report is on the 171 million children globally who do not have opportunity to reach their full potential due to the physical and mental effects of po