April 20,2016
The meaning of the child and the rights of the children

Etymologically, the term “child” comes from the Latininfans which means ” the one who does not speak “.

April 19,2016
Understanding Children’s Rights

Right to Life

April 7,2016
Child Abuse Statistics

Child abuse does not discriminate based on gender, social standing, ethnicity, or religion.

April 7,2016
The Millennium Development Goals Gender Chart 2015
April 7,2016
Underweight in children - Statistical analysis

Child malnutrition – as measured by poor child growth – is an important indicator for monitoring population nutritional status and health.

April 7,2016
Under-five mortality - Statistical analysis

5.9 million Children under age five died in 2015, 16 000 every day.

April 7,2016
Newborn sleep: What you need to know


Here are six things to know about newborn sleep that could come in handy during those first couple of months:

April 5,2016
Child trafficking Statistics

Ark of Hope for Children has compiled the following U.S. and international statistics on human trafficking, child trafficking and sex trafficking.

April 5,2016
How Much Sleep Does a Child Need?

How much sleep does a child need? There is no set number of hours of sleep that children will require at a particular age.

April 5,2016
Final report of the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity

The Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO) presented its final report to the WHO Director-General on january 2016, culminating a two-year process to address the