Education and early childhood development

March 22,2016
The Effects of the Physical Environment on Children’s Development

Cornell University environmental and developmental psychologist Gary Evans has conducted numerous research studies examining the effects of the physical environment on children’s well-being.

March 22,2016
Environmental Influences on Children's Behavior

 More than 24 million children in the United States are aged five and below (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000).

February 12,2015
The state of the world's children 2012. Children in an Urban World

This report Shows that this is so in urban centres just as in the remote rural places we commonly associate with deprivation and vulnerability.

February 7,2015
A Science-Based frameworks for Early Chilhood Policy

This paper on a process of systematic analysis that began with the publication in 2000 of a landmark report by the national acadamy of sciences entitled from neurons t

February 7,2015
Born too soon

This report is written in support of all families who have been touched by preterm birth.