Education and early childhood development

April 26,2016
Effects and Solutions of Orphanhood

Today, 153 million children worldwide are orphans. There are serious consequences for the rights and development of such children.

April 25,2016
Family: A Right for all Children

The International Convention on the Rights of the Child gives all children the right to a family.

April 25,2016
Common diseases among children

Childhood is a period when the immune system is still being developed. This vulnerability explains the large number of diseases that affect children.

April 25,2016
Child Addictions : Consequences and Prevention

Adolescence is a period of change between childhood and adulthood.

April 25,2016
Adolescents Sexuality: a Controversial Right

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) an ‘adolescent’ is defined as any person between the ages of 10 and 19 and a ‘young person’ between the ages of 15 and

April 25,2016
Facts about Child Suicide

Often a taboo subject with numerous causes, child suicide is a delicate issue that is sometimes difficult to diagnose.

April 25,2016
The Impact of AIDS on Children

AIDS is an health condition whose impact continues to grow year over year.  It is a recognized worldwide problem which kills millions of people per year.  Children are

April 25,2016
Child Mortality: Preventable by Simple interventions

The number of children who die every year in a country is an index of well-being and health of children in this country.

April 25,2016
Early marriage: a Physical and Psychological Harm

many children throughout the world are the victims of forced and arranged marriages.  Suffice it to say that such marriages are harmful to the health of the children i

April 25,2016
Religion and Child Right

Nearly 86% of the world’s population is religious, including all religions.