What it's really like to have a child with Down's syndrome

My child Elodie is a daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend, she is funny, cheeky and strong-willed – she is not defined by her Down's syndrome and we don't define her by it.

But a label can be a very hard thing for some people to see past and because of the sheer amount of appointments, paperwork and work we have to do to encourage her it is sometimes hard to see her for her and not the label.


Be open and honest: How I told my child I had cancer

It is news that no-one wants to say and no-one wants to hear. But what is the best way to tell your child that you have cancer?

One in two of those born after 1960 in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime - many of those will be families with children who will face that question.


How to raise financially savvy kids

Wondering why our kids are not so great with money? Just look in the mirror; it's because adults are often financial train wrecks themselves.

Even so, all is not lost. You can still try to instill your children with the right lessons about spending, saving and investing, to prime them for a more secure financial future.


When Your Young Daughter Wants to Act Like a Teen

It’s an alarming moment for any parent: Your 6-year-old daughter announces that she wants to wear a miniskirt or crop top to look “sexy.” Or your 7-year-old starts dancing like a seductive pop star in a music video.


Is your child a cyberbully and if so, what should you do?

Parents worry about their children being bullied online, but what if it is your child who is doing the bullying?

That was the question posed by a BBC reader, following a report on how children struggle to cope online.

There is plenty of information about how to deal with cyberbullies, but far less about what to do if you find out that your own child is the source.


What's the right age to give a child a mobile phone?

I KNEW everything about parenting before I had kids — I knew I’d never use TV as a babysitter or give them chips two nights in a row, and I definitely wouldn’t bribe them to behave.

Then, of course, I had children.

If becoming a parent has taught me anything, it’s that die-hard mantras come back to bite you.


Life as a teen who was born with HIV

For 22-year-old Sabelo Chonco, his years as a teenager weren't quite the same as those of the people around him.

While his best friends were asking out girls and talking about them endlessly, he dreaded the thought.

He feared that they would find out the secret that had weighed heavily on him for years.


Should your children see you naked?!

 Being a father has thus far been delightful for John. So delightful that he says he wouldn't change a thing – the good and the bad.

The good would be like when his three year old daughter clings onto him in a tight hug when he comes home from work. And the bad? "When it's my time to change a full diaper," he says with playful smile. Off course, in reality, changing diapers is no trouble to a doting father like John.


Help! My teen's watching online porn

What happened to Maddie, a mom of two boys, one afternoon has no doubt happened to countless other parents across the country.

Maddie's computer was out of juice, so she hopped on her 15-year-old son's laptop. She looked at the history of something she was working on and then, bam. There were links to 40 porn sites with topics too racy for me to print.

"I was freaking out," said Maddie, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy and her son's.


How do I tell my child they have cancer?

Singer Michael Buble and his actress wife Luisana Lopilato have revealed their three-year-old son has cancer. The couple said they were dropping all work commitments. But how do other parents facing this devastating news go about telling their child?

Each year, 1,691 children in the UK are diagnosed with cancer. In England and Wales, 82% of those diagnosed survive for five years or more.