Child safety advice and statistics

As parents we want our children to have fun - but stay safe too! Here you will find tips and advice to help protect your kids from danger in the home, garden, out and about and on holiday. And for those older kids lots of help and advice on technology issues ; mobile phone use and internet safety.

Accidents in the Home

* 500,000 under the age of 4 are injured in the home every year.

* Fire is the greatest cause of accidental death. 46% of fatal accidents to children are caused by fire

* 39% of all children’s accidents are from falling. 10 children die each year from falling through a window or off a balcony

* The largest number of accidents are caused in the lounge/living area with the most serious accidents caused in the kitchen30,000 children go to A&E with signs of poisoning – usually occurring from taking domestic cleaning substances.

* 50,000 children under the age of 14 go to A&E because of a burns or scalds.

* 35,000 children under the age of 4 fall down the stairs each year

* 3000 injuries are caused by tripping over piles of laundry /toys left on the floor.

* 130,000 children are injured in the garden each year

* 3% of toddlers die by drowning – in the bath, while swimming, by the sea and includes ponds in the garden.

No child should be left unsupervised when playing or near to any water. A child can drown in 3cm of water.

Accidents on our Roads

* 107 children were killed and more than 5000 seriously injured as they crossed the road.

* 191 children were killed in all road accidents.

Accidents in our Cars

 * 2 million children face injury or death every year because their parents have not fitted their car safety seat correctly.

 * Experts say that a collision of just 5mph can kill an unrestrained child in a car

Accidents on our Bikes

* 82% of children under 14 years do not wear bicycle helmets

* 60% of children under 14 years attend A&E departments due to bicycle related injuries, 43% with head injuries

* 11-15 year olds are at the greatest risk of serious injury or death from not wearing or having a properly fitted bicycle helmet.

* Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces head injury by 85%

Child Nutrition

* Obesity is one of the fastest growing public health problems in the UK.

* We need to teach our children food education – 42% of children in the UK go to school without breakfast and instead fill up on crisps and sweets on their way to school

* From a survey of 500 families - an average five stone 10 year old boy in the UK, eats his weight in chips every year

* By age 11 a third of British children are over weight and with boys one fifth of them show a concern for their health

* One in 12 youngsters refuse to eat any fruit at all; 65% of youngsters eat at least seven helpings of high fat snack foods every week.

* Children should eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables which are low in fat and bring fibre, vitamins and minerals into the diet. The British Nutrition Foundation recommends that children eat at least five portions a day

Source: Child Alert